Martina Franca


A town that lies on the hills of Murgia and boasts a fantastic panoramic view on Itria Valley.

Its original name, Martina, was given the current adjective (“franca” means “free of charge”) when Philip I (Prince of Taranto), after an expansion of the borough, granted tax exemptions to people who moved to town.

History and natural beauty

The historical center is artistically interesting: a maze of lanes, alleys and small piazzas where it is possible to admire the Baroque architecture, as in the case of the Basilica of San Martino, the Church of San Domenico and the Ducal Palace.
Martina Franca is a very beautiful town also with respect to the landscape: nature lovers can explore the Bosco delle Pianelle (a wood) or visit the karst caves, surrounded by mediterranean vegetation.

Among the major events, the “Festival internazionale della Valle d’Itria”, a famous Italian music festival, is worth a mention.
Several tourist itineraries are available if you want to visit and learn more about further areas of the town.


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