Also known as the “White Town”, because of its whitewashed buildings, the town rises up on the steep slopes of a hill, in the heart of Salento, and it seems it was already inhabited in the Neolithic.

A dive into past…

Ostuni has town walls dating back to the Middle Ages, of which only eight towers still exist. The 5 doors that were used to enter the city date back to the same period.
The historical center, true jewel, presents many narrow and winding streets, that intertwine into a maze of small piazzas and alleys, where it is possible to admire ancient dwellings, but also noble palaces.
On the top of the hill it is possible to see the Cathedral, with a façade presenting late gothic shapes, a mix of styles and elements of the Romanesque, Gothic and Venetian arts, which dominates the scene and overlooks the level ground, rich in olive groves, oaks and and holm oaks up to the sea.
Other major churches are: the Sanctuary of Sant’Oronzo, on the top of the hill, which dominates the whole panorama; the Sanctuary of San Biagio, historically and artistically remarkable, that you can reach only by feet, since it’s located into a gorge, between the hills; the Church of San Francesco.
It would be very interesting to visit the cave of Agnano, two kilometers from the town, where it seem that rituals took place to worship a goddess and the “Museo di Civiltà pre classiche della Murgia meridionale”, where you can find evidence found during recent archeological excavations.

…and tradition

The “Cavalcata di Sant’Oronzo”, patron saint of the town, is one of the main events of the town: a costume parade in which a series of cavaliers follow horseback the procession consecrated to the Saint.

Sea lovers must certainly know that the territory of Ostuni, with its 17 kilometers of coastline, boasts beaches that have won the Blue Flag certification for years.

Wonderful sand and rock beaches alternate along the coastline, covered with the Mediterranean Maquis.

Among the most beautiful localities where you can enjoy fantastic waters, we suggest Pilone, Rosa Marina, Monticelli, Villanova, Costa Merlata, Santa Lucia-Torre Pozzella.


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